GENTREE Genealogical Navigation Software


Splendid, fast, powerful, nice and easy to use genealogical soft.
From now on, as the English version test period is ended, this shareware will be slightly limited in recording (maximum 500 people plus those already imported) and in output (no GEDCOM export), But NO IMPORT LIMITATION to test GENTREE incredible SPEED and quality (really and fully GEDCOM 5.5 compliance).
Gentree is granted certification by the Utah genealogical authority of Salt Lake City.

If you want to ask for TECHNICAL QUESTIONS, you may directly mail to MICHEL POTIER at

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Now avalaible on this site, New Improvements of the July 1999 version :

Improvements of the September 98 version :

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Improvements of the September 97.2 version () :

() As we think the large 9 months test period is ended, so this new International issue and the following will be slightly limitated for unregistred users.

Improvements of the April 97 version :

What you can already do with the 97 version :

All these progresses couldn't be done without your observations, so don't be reluctant to tell me what you think about the program, what you hope, what you disagree to help me in giving you satisfaction ...

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