Good news from his flourishing beard

We are very grateful to Mr Jacques SAILLOT, professional genealogist, for his publication "LE SANG DE CHARLEMAGNE" (blood of Charlemagne), 90 numbers and 3594 pages during 16 years, which help us very much for all The Middle Ages period. 
This publication continues to come out by subscription only, 650 FF for the next 6 numbers (50 pages each), from september 1996 to december 1997, under the authority of the "Association pour l'Etude de l'Histoire Universelle". 
We advise our kind visitors that the
GENERAL TABLE is just issued, 169 pages with thousands of European surnames from VIIIth to XVth century completely studied in the 90 publicated numbers, 200 FF directly sold at :

Mr Jacques SAILLOT
34, rue Dupetit-Thouars 
F 49000 ANGERS 
phone number : (33) 241 663 546

For all questions concerning that point, be kind to write directly to him.